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For more than twenty-three years, Life Stories Company has been helping clients document and preserve their story. Such a timeless treasure will educate, motivate, and inspire many generations to come.

We believe everyone has a story to tell, and we are passionate about the need for inter-generational social exchange—passing on our knowledge, character qualities, values, faith, and life-lessons for generations to come for the betterment of our nation, communities, and families. Much of this is accomplished through the stories we choose to tell and the words and wisdom we leave behind.

Whether you are interested in a Private Memoir, a Family History Book, or a Company History Book, our team of highly skilled professionals is prepared to assist you.

You may think this requires a lot of time on your part. It does not! And it’s so much fun reminiscing about the past and discussing hopes for the future. These books become cherished possessions, prized testaments to a family’s or company’s legacy, and a means for important stories to be told and re-told as the years pass by.

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About Us

With our professional and passionate workmanship, Life Stories  Company has assisted many individuals, families, and companies in documenting and preserving their story and legacy, allowing them to share these timeless and priceless treasures with generations to come.

Our team of professionals consists of interviewers, writers, editors, graphic artists, archivists, photographers, videographers, and layout specialists.

Chad Harbour, Founder  (Read More)

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